Approved Minutes – 14th February 2014


 Approved Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee

 held at Porth yr Aur on Friday, 14th February, 2014 at 8pm


  1. Members Present

Brian Roberts Commodore

Neville Roberts Immediate Past Commodore

Barry Powell Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts Hon. Secretary

Bethan Jones Hon. Rowing Secretary

Mo Judge Hon. Membership Secretary

Margaret Crozier Deputy Treasurer

Debbie Parson

John Judge

Peter King


  1. Apologies for Absence

Malcolm Jones Hon. Treasurer

Ednyfed Hudson Davies Southern Squadron Representative


  1. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 10th January 2014

Proposed by Bethan Jones

Seconded  by Peter King


  1. Matters Arising

The Steward remains on Sick Leave.   Advice has been sought and we can employ a temporary Steward to cover the Sick Leave.


No further quotes  have been received regarding the coffee machine.   Sarah is having a meeting with the Dwyfor Coffee representative next week to discuss the matter further.


The rowing boats are back in Plas Menai after Christmas period.


With regard to the bar, we now stock 5 flavours of Fentimans soft drinks which are well received by the musicians!   There was a plea for different red and white wines, plus Pant Du Cider. Agreed to improve the stock of wine and cider.


  1. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Members taking part in the Celtic Challenge declared their interest.   Item H below


6. Reports from Officers

A. Commodore


Grant Application for TIG

We have completed the brief for the tender group and have sent out to 4 companies for quoting.  The closing date for tenders was 7th Feb and we have received 2 quotations back.  We must now get application forms for TIG funding and as such have been to the council to collect application forms, we must also make a decision on the tenders and get the application in by next week.


The Bar.

I have made inquiries about getting a new beer pump with Classic Drinks. Unfortunately they will not be able to help us other than to suggest we contact a local brewer who may help with the costs.  Keeping the bar stocked is easy but very time consuming, Monday check bar and order, Thursday delivery window 09:00 to 12:00.  I cannot promise to be there for all these times as I have to work.  We need volunteers. There is also the problem of cleaning the bar, this needs to be done at end of day.  Can we set up a rota for removal of rubbish and bottles.   My dustbin and recycle box is full most weeks and the collection men are telling tales of wild party’s in Llanfaglan.  There are only so many times I can go to Cibyn before I get charged.   We need a Thursday Cleaning Rota.   Nev Roberts removing bottles on Mondays.




We had a few problems with the Tegety Bar TV which are now resolved.   However,  the TV in the Main Bar has no signal.   I suspect that the aerial has blown down in the recent high winds.




The Gents Toilets.

The Rear Commodore will cover this however there is a lot of work needed!


Rowing Boat 91

I have been dealing with Dale Sailing, the manufacturer of the boat and as such have brought this up in my report.  The boat is in Aberystwyth en route to Dale for them to repair her.  I have forwarded to the Hon. Sec. emails regarding this problem.



We are enjoying a very full calendar or events this year which is bringing in new people to the club and, of course, increased our revenue.  I must say WELL DONE. Let’s keep it up and turn visitors into members.



The sailing committee have agreed in principal to building an open, day sailing boat.  I hope the management committee will agree to put aside money to purchase plans for this.  The vice commodore will have this in his report.



On Friday, 7th February, together with the Rear Commodore, I attended a talk at the Beaumaris club house.  The talk was about rowing the Atlantic and was very informative if a little scary.  The RAYC raised over £200.00 for the sponsors from the meal and donations.


B. Vice Commodore

A Sailing Committee Meeting was held on 30th January 2014 at 8.15pm.   The Commodore started a discussion on the building of a sailing dinghy.   The principle of this was to enable members of the rowing section to participate in sailing and to encourage younger members to join the club as cadets.   The Vice Commodore suggested using a site at the Castle Marine for the project.   With the promenade being updated to use as a cycle track, a mention was made about parking during Regatta week.   This would be checked with the Harbour Master by John IH Jones who would also trace the Buoys for use during the Regatta.   The Commodore raised the question of a support vessel for the Celtic Challenge.   Errors were found in some times published in the yearbook.   These were noted and supplied to the Hon. Secretary.   The committee also discussed encouraging members with yachts to have taster days.


The WYA to be contacted with a view to presenting films on club racing.


C. Rear Commodore

Prepared food for Burns night and served guests.

Prepared bacon baps for Rugby days.

Manning of bar and cleaning duties

Eight different members have manned the bar during February. I have a list of ten individuals who are willing to volunteer. Duties have included recycling bottles and cleaning behind the bars and other parts of the club in addition to serving members. I propose employing a cleaner on a temporary basis until Les returns. 3 hours a week would be sufficient. Either through an agency or by advertising the position and interviewing. We are also able to recruit a temporary bar steward for all or part of the week. Do we require this? I have checked with ACAS and as an employer we are able to employ staff on a temporary basis under these circumstances. I propose we discuss this matter on the 14th Feb.

Mo Judge proposed the employment of a temporary cleaner  for 3 hours per week each Thursday.   Minimum wage payment.   Seconded by Nev Roberts  Approved.   To be advertised in the Job Centre for 1 month.  

Bar deferred decision 

A folder of bar procedures and useful contact numbers is in the main bar. Volunteers are encouraged to read these before starting their shift. Updates will be sent via emails.

Working Party

Although a working party was not formed in the past month, Brian has painted the frame of the door at the back of the gents. The poor weather has prevented work outside. A leak has appeared from the roof and window frame of the gents. I propose a small working party be formed on a mid week day. Date to be agreed on the evening of the 14th Feb. Bathroom tiles have been donated.   Many thanks to Mo and JJ.    I will be calling a House Committee Meeting in due course.


Any suggestions for talks would be gratefully received. I’m happy to approach speakers and schedule them in.

D. Hon. Secretary

I continue to send out weekly notices of club activities to keep the membership informed of RWYC events and Mark Walker is continuing to write the monthly bulletin.


The website is almost complete.   Stuart Keene is putting our sailing, rowing and social programmes on the web page, together with the last newsletter.   I have a few quick questions I want to ask him before we get together and am currently waiting for him to contact me by phone.


I have paid our annual fee of £24.99 + VAT £5.00 = £29.99 to Easily. Co. Uk (Domain Name and Website Company)


The Outdoor Partnership membership expires at the end of March.   Do you want me to renew our membership?   The fee is £100 p.a. Agreed unanimously


E. Hon. Treasurer

Financial position:

Business account :    £1,593-85

Subs account        :    £2,368-80

Investment account :  £25,926-46

Total at bank        :     £29,899-11


2014 Subscriptions continue to dribble in – still a considerable number of members to pay any subs and still £677.50 owed from underpayments on bank transfers with £210 due to be paid back to members for varying reasons, giving a balance of £467.50 still to collect.

In order to keep the ‘Events’ record up to date could a record of expenses / receipts (NOT NECESSARILY THE ‘HARD’ COPIES) please be e-mailed to me as soon as possible.

F. Hon. Membership Secretary

1. Total Number of Members: 229

 (incl.  resignations)

2.  New Membership Applications

  • William Michael White – Overseas – Proposed by Brian Roberts; Seconded by Barry Powell   Approved
  • Jasmine Sharp – Full – Proposed by Bethan Jones; Seconded by Sarah Roberts



3. Resignations/Non-renewals


  • Colin Tommis – 889 – unable to take advantage of rowing opportunities


4. Deaths


None known


5. Renewals


156 – completed

39 – part payment received (£752.50 outstanding)

32 – not yet paid (£2680 outstanding)


G. Hon. Sailing Secretary – No Report as no Sailing Secretary appointed

Mo Judge has been appointed Acting Minute Secretary


H. Hon. Rowing Secretary

January has continued with some atrocious weather, but some hardy rowers braced this and went out to row. In particular two boats went to join Porthmadog on Trawsfynydd lake for a windy and cold row on 2nd February. The row was meant to be up the Mawddach with a high spring tide, but bad weather resulted in relocating to a safer option of the lake.

Outings have continued in every available window in the weather.

Boat 91 was taken down to Aberystwyth where Pete Fletcher took her from there and will be taking her to Dales at the end of this week.

Elin Powell and myself attended the WSRA AGM and Executive at Aberystwyth. Before the committees took place we attended a Course Organisation Seminar, if this was not attended by any club we would not be permitted to hold a WSRA league race or event.

The AGM saw the re-election of all current officers. Financially the organisation is in a comfortable position.

At the executive meeting the dates were set for all the races for 2014. The Castle to Castle will be Saturday 5th April with the league on Sunday 6th April.

A decision was made for Dales to build a replacement mould for building more Celtic Longboats at a cost of £13,000.

The Celtic Challengers have kept up with their training programme despite the weather.

A meeting was held on 4/2/14 to discuss the viability of competing in the Celtic Challenge as the group continue to search for a support vessel and rib. Various options were discussed with regard to these, including the possibility of chartering. The cost of this option was considered to be too expensive for everybody as it estimated as £600- £700 per head.

Would the management committee consider a contribution to the rowers to help finance the challenge?

Following discussion regarding RWYC contribution to the rowers to enable them to compete in the Celtic Challenge, Mo Judge proposed that from the ring-fenced rowers fund, normally used for repairs and maintenance, we allow £1000 to be used for the Celtic Challenge matched by a further £1000 from club funds with a commitment from the rowers to replenish this second sum.

On the vote Brian Roberts and Peter King were ruled as having a conflict of interest and unable to vote.   8 members agreed with the proposal and Nev Roberts abstained from voting.   Proposal agreed.

At our rowing section meeting it was requested that we renew our membership with the Outdoor Partnership.   Agreed as mentioned above.

I. Social Secretary –  None Appointed

Craning In  – Mo Judge to get confirmation of actual date.

St David’s Day Dinner – Mo Judge to organise 3 course meal.   We will also need help setting up the room and 2 people to serve the meal.


J. Southern Squadron.

Endyfed Hudson Davies unable to attend the meeting but sends good wishes  from the Southern Squadron


6. Sickness Cover dealt with above


7. Any Other Business

Confirmation that we have a speaker from the RNLI next Friday.

Beard Trimming in aid of Sail4Cancer – Mo Judge to invite hairdressor to do the trimming.

Commodore to price up fridge for Tegety Bar.


8. Date of next meeting:  28th March 2014