Approved Minutes of 31st October 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee

held at Porth yr Aur on Friday, 31st October, 2014 at 6pm

1. Members Present

Brian Roberts Commodore

Nev Roberts Immediate Past Commodore

Barry Powell Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts Hon. Secretary

Malcolm Jones Hon. Treasurer

Mo Judge Hon. Membership Secretary

John Judge

Peter King

2. Apologies for Absence

Bethan Jones Rowing Secretary

Margaret Crozier Deputy Treasurer

Debbie Parsons

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 19th September, 2014

Proposed by Nev Roberts

Seconded by John Judge


4. Matters Arising

The Rowers v Yachties race took place as arranged. The Rowers took the first two places with the yachties following behind! Congratulations to the rowers for their win. Agreed that this race would take place twice a year with the first race taking place in early 2015.

The notice regarding the snooker table has been circulated via the newsletter. To date no-one has expressed an interest. Although we have received some information as to a dealer we might approach with a view to selling the table.

The working party dates to be circulated.

5. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

None Declared

6. Reports from Officers

A. Commodore

The Commodore’s report is short because most of the work I am involved in is with other officers who record such information in their reports. However:

Courses: we have completed a Power Boat course with the Outdoor Partnership so we have qualified members to support activities out on the water.

There is a First Aid course in the offing which will include aspects of “cold water immersion, hypothermia etc”. No date set yet.

Wedding: the wedding reception in the club was a success. A lot of hard work on the day by Sarah, Mo, JJ, Dale and me, but the club came out well and we picked up a new member!

There is a need for a working party and a date will be set by the Rear Commodore. Need to paint the cellar and sort out the snooker room.

It has been suggested that we have a Welsh conversation night for those wanting to learn the language, or just brush up on past courses. We have members who have volunteered to help, so I would suggest Tuesday evenings as this is a quiet night in the club.

I have started getting advertisers for the 2015 yearbook.

Since our steward went off sick, I have been running the bars. It takes a lot of time, which I don’t have, and what time I do have, I would like to use to look for money to repair the fabric of the club. As such, I give notice that in 2015 I will no longer be doing this work so as a matter of urgency we must find new people to help. Malcolm Jones, Treasurer agreed that he could take on some of the work re bar finances

There are a lot of changes on the horizon. We will be losing two members of the management Committee, and if re-elected, this will be my last year as Commodore. We have to find people such as Race Officers for the regattas, as Barry will be putting his name forward for Commodore. He will, more to the point, find doing two tasked too much if we don’t find anyone for these tasks. We must be prepared and find willing people.

Donald Insall, the architects, have asked for a portion of their fee to be paid, we have the grant money for this in the bank and we have seen the preliminary report. Part payment of 50% agreed.

I would like to suggest we look into forming a charitable arm distinct from RWYC to raise money for the buildings. Hon. Secretary and Rear Commodore to look into this

We also need to decide which charities we will support next year. Agreed: RNLI and Sail for Cancer

We need a job description for Dale Messenger our interim barman. I will do this and circulate it to members for discussion. Rear Commodore to look into Marstens Brewery
training for Dale.

B. Vice Commodore

Building a day boat: ongoing.

Investigation into all available grants to continue

Registration of crew members ongoing

Investigation of talks and films on club Racing.

List compiled of entries for yearbook on racing and cruising.

Failed to attend Executive Committee Meeting of the Menai Strait Combined Regattas Committee. Had arranged lift with Commodore who was to attend, which did not materialize.

Development of a forum page on website ongoing

Two courses that could be available to members were Water based First Aid Course and Diesel Engine Maintenance.

C. Rear Commodore

Events part of and meetings attended:

I attended the yearbook meeting and agreed to complete 3 sections and provide photos of various events.

I liaised with two members concerning their plans for their wedding reception and was present on the day. The bar was manned by Dale and Mo and Brian and JJ were present to ensure that all went smoothly. Feedback was very positive from the members and the experienced gained by running the event should give us the confidence that we have a team in place to run more similar events in the future. The members are sending me the contacts they used to enable us to build a Wedding portfolio of contacts (photographer, caterer, entertainers etc) to recommend to others. I will pass this information along with a report on the organisation of the event to the Hon Secretary. The Tegarty bar was open and used by members during the evening with no disruption. The Herald ran a story about the wedding with pictures on the front page and story inside naming the Club as the venue. I propose including a ‘Room available for weddings and events hire’ page on the Website advertising the facility. I also propose a rate for the hire of the club to be agreed – one rate for members and a higher rate for non members. Any suggestions for an appropriate rate? When considering the rate I suggest that we factor in the volunteer time required to meet the various suppliers prior to the event and on the day.

Suggested charges for hire of club: for non members £200 for the day and £100 for evening. For members £100 for the day and £50 for evening

Proposed Sarah Roberts

Seconded by Malcolm Jones


I met with the Gwynedd Food and Hygiene representative who was happy to give us 5 stars. She did suggest that we repaint the cellar area.

Working party

A working party is needed to address the snooker room walls and cellar walls and to put the coat hooks back up downstairs. Date to follow by email.

Volunteers and paid staff

Thanks to the volunteers who have continued to cover Tuesdays. I propose asking Dale to cover Tuesdays from November onwards. I have met with Les by chance last week and have requested his sick note. He indicated that he had the notes and would drop them into my workplace. He did not give me an indication that he was ready to return.

It is noted that I have received much positive feedback from members concerning the service they are receiving from staff and how clean they feel the Club is. This will be fed back to the staff concerned.

Increase the barman’s hours to include Tuesdays

Proposed by Sarah Roberts

Seconded by Nev Roberts

Agreed. To commence next week

D. Hon. Secretary

We have had no requests for topics of discussion at the AGM.

The Nominations for Officers and Members of the Management Committee form will be placed on the notice board this weekend.

If we are opening the club for members and guests to view the Lions’ firework display a risk assessment needs to be produced, to include who will be responsible to patrol the roof and barbican if these are going to be open to adults and children.

Agreed to have 2 people supervising on the roof, one at the bottom of the stairs and one on the Barbican. Brian Roberts to supply high visibility bibs.

E. Hon. Treasurer

Financial position:

Business account : £1,139-93

Subs account :£218-80

Investment account : £34,771-86

Total at bank : £36,130-59

Within the total at bank there is £8555 grant money.

Annual accounts are prepared – I will discuss at the meeting.

Use of Post office box for incoming mail: Malcolm Jones to check costs

Sail for Cancer £66.50 been paid direct to their bank

The accountant has pointed out that our profitability fallen dramatically this year which he thought may be due to our not purchasing our stock at the lowest price and not charging enough at the point of sale.

Agreed to make an immediate stock take. Brian Roberts and Malcolm Jones to undertake.

Yearbook made a loss of £20 for the first time this year.

F. Hon. Membership Secretary

Total Number of Members:

228 (after removal of resignations/non-renewal)

New Membership Applications

Richard Hanlon – Social – Proposed by Mo Judge; Seconded by Margaret Crozier Agreed

Tristram Denyer – Overseas – Proposed by Sarah Roberts; Seconded by Brian Roberts Agreed

Kate Jones – Full – Proposed by Sarah Roberts; Seconded by Brian Roberts Agreed

Peter Simpson – Social – Proposed by Mark Walker; Seconded by Mo Judge Agreed

Ann Catrin Evans – Full – Proposed by Mo Judge; Seconded by Sarah Roberts Agreed




None known

Other Activities

Sponsors evening went well. Best attendance yet and resulted in two new members. It also strengthened existing sponsors impression of our stability and development. I would like to thank Margaret Crozier for instigating and funding this event.

Dinner Dance –bookings still slow.

Craning Out supper – were well attended and good atmosphere. May bring new

Yearbook – progressing well.

G. Hon. Sailing Secretary

None elected

H. Hon. Rowing Secretary

The end of September saw the month out with the Great River Race. A near perfect weekend, despite the lateness of the event in the rowing calendar. The weather was perfect for both the race and camping. The whole weekend went without a hitch this year.

Regular rowing sessions have been going since the river race and we have some
prospective new members.

Tough conditions were encountered for the Rower vs Yachties last weekend. Wind and rain were against us throughout. The conditions were likened to rowing in concrete, but despite all this the rowers triumphed again. Both boats came in ahead of the first yacht, the rowers had blisters and sore body parts as evidence of their hard task!

We are now returning to evening rowing in the dark.

I. Social Secretary – None appointed

J. Southern Squadron – No report

7. AGM – See Hon. Secretary’s report

8. Dinner Dance – See Hon. Membership Secretary’s Report

9. Any Other Business

Discussion with regard to the need to the change of our Constitution. John Judge to look into next year

10. Date of next meeting: Friday, 21st November, 2014 at 6.00pm

Signed: Brian Roberts

21st November 2014