Approved Minutes of 27th June 2014


Approved Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee

held at Porth yr Aur on Friday, 27th June, 2014 at 8pm

  1. Members Present

Brian Roberts                                                  Commodore

Nev Roberts                                                      Immediate Past Commodore

Andrea Roberts                                               Hon. Secretary

Malcolm Jones                                               Hon. Treasurer

Mo Judge                                                         Hon. Membership Secretary

Louise Messenger

John Judge

Peter King

Debbie Parsons

2. Apologies for Absence

Sarah Roberts                                             Rear Commodore

Bethan Hughes Jones                             Hon. Rowing Secretary

Margaret Crozier                                     Deputy Treasurer

Ednyfed Hudson Davies                      Southern Squadron Representative

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 30th May 2014

Proposed:Mo Judge

Seconded:Nev Roberts


4. Matters Arising

Rowers v Yachties Race to discussed at by the Sailing Committee members.

Sale of the Snooker Table – The cost of moving the snooker table is likely to equal the cost of the product.   It would not put in an auction.   The Anglesey auctioneer has taken photographs of the table will speak to contacts in the trade who might be interested in the table.

Blank cartridges – 150 have been ordered for use at the forthcoming Regatta days

The RIB we were interested in has been sold to Llyn Brenig Sailing Club for over £6500.

5. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest – None Declared

6.Reports from Officers:

A.  Commodore 

Meeting between Donald Insall Associated and RWYC to be held on Monday 7th July 2pm at Porth yr Aur.

B.  Vice Commodore

No Report

C.  Rear Commodore

House Committee working party

Working party took place on 7th June. Many thanks to the willing team who undertook the following tasks: Replacing seats on barbican, tiling, painting gents, fitting new door to gents, providing and planting flowers and scraping down, taking out the water heater in the gents and fitting new window casement, stripping and papering the ladies. Taking part were: Barrington Powell, Brian Roberts, Deborah Parsons, Mo Judge, John Judge, Neville Roberts.


A meeting was scheduled with the Steward but he felt unable to attend and has sent in a letter explaining his health situation.

Another letter has been sent offering a meeting close to his home. We are awaiting his reply.

2 weeks holiday pay has been paid upon his request.


I have written to the Harbour Trust requesting permission to erect a temporary sign on the barrier under Porth yr Aur. They have responded and asked us to write to Gwynedd Council and Cadw and request permission. This I have done and am awaiting response. If it is favourable then we are to forward the permissions to the Trust for their meeting on the 1st of July.

In terms of interior signage I propose putting a Welcome notice up on the inner glass door during normal opening hours when there is not an event scheduled. Are there any suggestions for changes to the wording or objections? See next page for draft:

Croeso i Porth yr Aur

Welcome to Porth yr Aur

(Welsh equivalent)

Home of the Royal Welsh Yacht Club

(Welsh equivalent)

Visiting the town or live here?

(Welsh equivalent)

Request a free tour of this historic building during opening hours.

(Welsh equivalent)

Just ring the bell and ask at the bar for a free tour or email us at:

(Welsh equivalent)

Cultural/Educational/Club organisation?

Email your request for a group tour to the above email address

I would also like to explore the idea of erecting an informative sign outside Porth yr Aur detailing the history of the building and showing a representation of the Club similar to the photo on our website. We may need to apply for planning permission but this may depend on size. I am proposing an A3 size or if not possible then A4. to be positioned either on the left hand arch to be read from High Street or on the seaward side or both. Any objections to exploring this with the Harbour Trust/Gwynedd Council/Cadw?

Till Service Contract

The warranty on our till is over. Bangor Cash Register are offering the following:

‘We offer several annual packages from 10/4/14 to 10/4/15
1.Telephone support @ £100 + vat
2.Callout + labour + telephone cover @ £250 + vat
3.Parts + callout + labour + telephone cover @ £500 + vat’

Do we wish to take up any of the above packages?

No – unanimous

D. Hon. Secretary

Monday email going out Saturday/Sunday due to holiday

E.  Hon. Treasurer

Financial position:

Business account :                £1,456-48

Subs account        :                    £390-02

Investment account :         £34,965-99

Total at bank        :              £36,812-49


Within the total at bank there is £8555 grant money.

I haven’t received any notification of money generating events so nothing to add the last month’s Events record.

F.  Hon. Membership Secretary

1. Total Number of Members: 217

(after removal of resignations/non-renewal)

2.  New Membership Applications

  • Adrian Booth – Senior (separate support information has been extracted from an email)  Agreed
  • William Williams Wynne – Senior – recruited at the Boat Show (see separate supporting information  transcribed from a hand written letter )   Agreed
  • Bruce Thomas Lunt – Full – recruited at the Boat Show  Agreed 1st July




None known

H.  Hon. Sailing Secretary  No Report but regular Committee Meetings held

I.  Hon. Rowing Secretary

It has been good weather for rowing this month.

A successful row was held around Puffin Island on 22/6/14, a practise run for the Puffin race to be held by Beaumaris Rowing Club.

Our re-scheduled league race will be held on Sunday 29th June.  130 people coming  Pwhelli sending 4 teams. 4 safety boats

Pirates on Sunday in Conwy

J.  Social Secretary

Sarah trying to sort out meeting.   Who will take on these events

K.  Southern Squadron

No report

7. Regatta   

Arrangements going well.   The Sailing Club representative are attending the Sailing Committee Meetings.   Terry Beggs can no longer help with the flags on regatta days as he is Acting Harbourmaster.

Hon. Secretary to write to Richard Jones on behalf of RWYC thanking him for his help and wishing him well in the future.

Triangles – Nev Roberts to repair and paint

Nev roberts to arrange invoice to Sailing Club re blank cartridges.

8. Social Events – July/August

4.7.14 Independence Day Quiz

19.7.14 Gwyll Arallt 10 – 3pm

16.00 – 19.00  Menai Strait Swim – Soup

Slipway clean

Gwyll Arallt

15.8.14 – La La Rally

9. Outdoor Partnership Festival – 20th September 2014

We are to have a stand and to do taster sessions at this event for which volunteers are needed.

10. Any Other Business:

Recruitment of Management Committee members.   Hon Secretary to mention the need via the weekly Hon. Secretary’s News.

11. Date of next meeting:  25th July 2014