Approved Minutes of 28th March 2014


Approved Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee

held at Porth yr Aur on Friday, 28th March, 2014 at 8pm

1. Members Present:

Brian Roberts Commodore

Nev Roberts Immediate Past Commodore

Barry Powell Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts Hon. Secretary

Margaret Crozier Deputy Treasurer

Mo Judge Hon. Membership Secretary

Louise Messenger

John Judge

Peter King

2. Apologies for Absence

Malcolm Jones Hon. Treasurer

Ednyfed Hudson Davies Southern Squadron Representative

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 14th February 2014

Proposed by Nev Roberts

Seconded by Peter King


4.  Matters Arising:

Page 2 TV.  The wind has blown the aerial off its post and snapped the cable in a number of places.   Therefore the TV needs to be re-cabled

Rowing Boat 91 is now ready for collection.   We need to consider re-surveying the boat when it has been returned.

5.  Declaration of Conflicts of Interest – Non Declared

6. Reports from Officers

A. Commodore

We have received a grant from TIG, to part pay structural survey for the club, roof, walls and interior. The last letter from the council said payment had been passed.  We have been through a bidding process and have asked four companies to tender for the work and the contract has gone to Donald Insall Associates who have started work measuring up last Monday 24th March.  We have also received from them sketch drawings of ideas on how to improve access to the club as well as ways making us more financially sustainable for the future.

The Commodore, Hon Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary have discussed the sketches and have forwarded our ideas back to Donald Insall Associates

The survey work was necessary to identify any defects and is a must have for any grant applications we make in the future.

We are now looking for capital, grant funding and other sources to see if we can get help with the building work that will be shown up by the survey work.

The members of the Management Committee thanked the Commodore for all his hard work with respect to the grant application.


As you all know our steward has been off sick for the last few months. I am sure we all wish him well and a speedy recovery. I would like to thank all those who have helped to man the bars and keep the club clean and tidy and again to everyone who has helped with the functions, quizzes and the like which has seen our bar takings maintain a healthy turnover.  Again thank you.

Members have requested local cider and this sold out in days; a wider variety of wines which have flown off the shelf and more soft drinks which again have been moving, so please if you want the bar to stock your favourite tipple then let me know and if we can we will.

B. Vice Commodore

It was decided to hold a special meeting on Wednesday, 19th March 2014.   This meeting was to discuss the RWYC “Push the Boat Out” scheme to introduce people to sailing.   This date would coincide with our Taster Days.

It was decided that the RWYC would register with the WYA to participate in the scheme and to email members of our participation.

WYA to be consulted on liability insurance.

The Harbour Master to be contacted for the availability of a pontoon in Victoria Dock to accommodate boats for taking passengers.

RNLI to be approached to visit RWYC to advise on servicing of life-jackets.

Date to be agreed for the Rowers and the Yachties Race.

I attended the Regatta meeting at the Conway Sailing Club on Sunday, 23rd March.   I raised a request from J.I.H. Jones that the start of the Cruiser Races begin at Race 1.   This will continue and the start at Race 11 will continue.

It was pointed out that this year’s presentations will be held in the RWYC clubhouse.

C. Rear Commodore

Seats in Tegerty Bar

Many thanks to Linda Melton and Ian Park for refurbishing the seats.


An engineer has checked the oven as the small oven/grill is not functioning. Also the main oven was checked for temperature as on occasion it appears hotter than indicated on the dial and requires a replacement knob. Parts have been ordered and are due to be fitted this week.  Sorted on Tuesday


Dwyfor Coffee came and discussed our requirements for a small machine. It was agreed that at this time anticipated usage did not justify renting or purchasing a machine for the main bar. Other smaller coffee machines (similar to the one already set up in the kitchen) were discussed and the representative agreed to send more details for consideration.

Fire Extinguishers

Snowdonia Fire Protection have visited and checked them.

Bar Rota

A new one has been sent to current volunteers.

Sunday Opening and Easter

What is the usual for Sunday opening? Propose to open for the first Sunday of summer opening on the 13th April.  At Easter do we usually open during the day for members?

Easter Sunday to be the first Sunday opening

Agreed to appoint a temporary barman for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings..    The Rear Commodore to place the advert in the Job Centre.


Two applications have been received for the job of cleaner. These are to be contacted and interviewed by Andrea and myself in the coming week.

A meeting has been called for next week. Date to be agreed.

D. Hon. Secretary

The updating of the website is almost complete.   There are a couple of points to look at but these should be made good soon.

I have booked the Victoria Hotel in Menai Bridge for the Annual Dinner/Dance.   I will need to give them a £100 deposit.

I will be sending out an “Are you Interested” Notice in next week’s News.  I have been contacted by someone who is taking part in the 3 Peaks Race and they have recently lost one of their sailing crew.   They are looking for  someone to run the foredeck and do their share of helming. They must have extensive Spinnaker handling experience – that’s critical.   The boat is a Sigma 38.   We might have a member who is qualified and interested in taking part and this will be a good opportunity to explore the possibilities.

E. Hon. Treasurer

Financial position:

Business account :    £3,071-26

Subs account        :    £1,271-94

Investment account :  £28,501-32

Total at bank        :     £32,844-52

I think we are ‘getting there’ with unpaid and short paid subscriptions – will continue to work with Mo and Margaret.

Next month I will chase up all outstanding payments due for yearbook adverts – apologies for the delay in doing this.

Please note that the Business Account currently has £1600 which is money held by the Club for the rowers doing the Celtic Challenge.

F. Hon. Membership Secretary

1. Total Number of Members: 227

 (incl.  resignations)

2.  New Membership Applications

  • David Smith – Full – Proposed by  Mo Judge; Seconded by Andrea Roberts


3. Resignations/Non-renewals

  • H Howel – mem. No. 87 – In his 80s and has poor mobility since breaking his hip.
  • Terri Stallard – mem. No. 660 – Joined as a rower but no longer physically able to row.
  • Graham Gingell – mem. No. 660 – Unhappy about increase in fees.
  • Gerwyn Williams – mem. No. 870 – Unable to take advantage of facilities.

4. Deaths

None known

5. Renewals

184 – completed

21 – part payment received (£250 outstanding)

19 – not yet paid (£1380 outstanding)

List of non payers for next month.

Permit to be checked with RYA.

G.  Hon. Sailing Secretary

Extract from Sailing Committee Meeting held on 12th March 2014

Cruise in Company

Communication, regarding joint activities with other clubs in the area, was discussed and the following agreed

    1. In light of a recent invitation from the North West Venturers for members of the RWYC to join in certain items on their programme, Geoff Hilditch to be contacted for confirmation that a reciprocal invitation has been put to them. MJ

Hon. Secretary to check it out. 

    1. It was agreed that BP should act as central co-ordinator for all sailing activity and be responsible for distribution of information to club members via the  weekly newsletter and monthly bulletins. BP
    2. Direct contact should be made with other clubs in the area to improve relations and share information regarding planned activities.

Try Sailing

Peter King had identified National Watersports Month in May with the suggestion that the RWYC might link up with the RYA “Push the boat Out” event weekend of 17th/18th May, to arrange taster days as discussed at the last meeting. It was agreed to arrange a meeting with as many of the Sailing Committee as possible to discuss this in detail.


BP advised that he will be attending a Regatta meeting is to be held in Deganwy Sunday 16th March at 2.00pm and will ask NR to accompany him as other committee members were not available.

Extract From Sailing Committee Meeting Held on 19th March 1014

Try Sailing

  • The RYA “Push the Boat Out” initiative is a scheme to introduce people to sailing through taster sessions. It was proposed that the RWYC should register its intention to participate in the scheme

Proposed: Peter King

Seconded: Nev Roberts


BP to action registration

  • Target dates for taster session 17th and 18th May
  • Email to be sent to all members to establish who is prepared to participate in the scheme. Responses to be presented at next meeting. NR
  • WYA to be consulted regarding liability insurance. BR
  • Richard Jones to be contacted about availability of pontoon in Victoria Dock to accommodate boats for taking passengers on board. JIH


  • Two Buoys and one anchor have now been located for regatta. JIH
  • PH enquired about possibility of sourcing servicing for lifejackets. RNLI to be approached to arrange a visit to the club for this purpose. BR
  • BR requested a date for the Rowers v Yachties race. August 21st was proposed. to be confirmed by BR

H. Hon. Rowing Secretary

The Celtic Challenge is looking like a certainty with the major obstacles now overcome. Thanks to Mark Walker and Danny Jo, the support vessel is in place. A rib is booked. The crew sorted. Accommodation and travel arrangements are in hand. Mike Laing (our CC co-ordinator) will be attending a meeting in Aberystwyth on Sunday 30th March where final details for the CC will be discussed.

Training has continued with the rowers building up their stamina and strength.

Preparations are in hand for the Castle to Castle and the League races which will be held on the weekend of 5/6th April. Following an appeal in the RWYC bulletin a number of volunteers have come forward to help with the event. A meeting to allocate tasks will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 1st April at RWYC. We just need the good weather now!

When the weather has been favourable, social rowing has continued. Unfortunately this has been limited to two boats as we still have not had Boat 91 returned to us. We are awaiting a reply from Dales as to when the boat will be ready. It is likely that we will only be able to enter 2 boats in the Castle to Castle this year.

A session of maintenance for the boats is scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Fundraising was discussed at the rowing section meeting. We are looking to hold a Ceilidh, Quiz night with pizza and pursue sponsorship for displaying on the side of the boats.

I. Social Secretary – Non Elected

J. Southern Squadron – No Report

7.  Sickness Cover Dealt with above.   New volunteer list to be sent out by Rear Commodore 

8.  RYA Push the Boat Out Scheme – 17th and 18th May 2014 Mentioned above

9.  Any Other Business

 Tegety Bar Now that bench seats have been widened and recovered, we need some nice comfy chairs.   To be considered by the House Committee.

Terry Beggs has volunteered to do the flags at the Regatta.   Vice Commodore to contact him to take up the offer. 

10. Date of next meeting:  25th April 2014