Approved Minutes of 30th December 2013


Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee held on Monday 30th December 2013 at 6pm


  1. Members Present

Neville Roberts Commodore

Brian Roberts Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts Hon. Secretary

Malcolm Jones Hon. Treasurer

Bethan Jones Hon. Rowing Secretary

Mo Judge Hon. Membership Secretary

Louise Messenger

John Judge


  1. Apologies

Mark Walker Immediate Past Commodore

  1. Town Improvement Grant 

It is understood that under the terms of the Town Improvement Grant the sum of £10,000 has been set aside until 31st March 2014 for a structural survey to be undertaken on Porth yr Aur.   Also under the terms of the grant the Royal Welsh Yacht Club will have to add a percentage sum of money to the cost of the survey.   We will need an up to date structural survey if we are to apply for grants to upgrade and improve the building.   The previous surveys of the building are considered to be out of date and would, therefore, not allow us to apply for grants.

The these circumstances, following proposal was put to the members of the Management Committee by Brian Roberts, Vice Commodore and seconded by Mo Judge, Membership Secretary:

We go to a number of companies, chosen later, to carry out a structural survey of the building so that we may apply for grants.  Agree unanimously.

Information gathered regarding suitable structural surveyors to be sent to Andrea Roberts, Hon. Secretary by Wednesday, 8th January 2014.

  1. Any Other Business

The improvement to the Caernarfon Promenade is to go ahead in the New Year.   Amongst a number of improvements lighting and signage is to be altered.   The Harbour Trust is willing to remove the old unused rusting light attached to Porth yr Aur but needs our permission to do so as it is attached to the walls of Porth yr Aur.   They are also willing to improve the lighting in the Porth yr Aur archway.   (We pay the fees for the electricity consumed by the lighting in the archway).   Agreed unanimously

  1. Date of Next Meeting

10th January 2014 at 8pm at Porth yr Aur