Approved Minutes of 25th July 2014


Approved Minutes of the Meeting of the Management Committee

held at Porth yr Aur on Friday, 25th July, 2014 at 8pm

1. Members Present

Brian Roberts Commodore

Barry Powell Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts Hon. Secretary

Mo Judge Hon. Membership Secretary

Margaret Crozier Deputy Treasurer

Bethan Jones Hon. Rowing Secretary

Louise Messenger

Debbie Parsons

John Judge

Peter King

2.  Apologies for Absence

Nev Roberts Immediate Past Commodore

Malcolm Jones Hon. Treasurer

Ednyfed Hudson Davies Southern Squadron Representative

3.  Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 27th June 2014

Proposed: Mo

Seconded: Debbie


4.  Matters Arising

Rowers v Yachties  Race – Action Bethan Jones to liaise with Barry Powell who will contact Geoff Hilditch.

No feedback from valuers re snooker table.   Need to chase up valuer  Action Mo Judge

Working party – see Rear Commodore’s report

Going ahead with proposal for English/Welsh sign

Mark injured won’t be able to help re moorings

Triangles done

No t on end of Arrall

Slipway cleaned by Mo Judge, John Judge, Trevor Wilson and Nev Roberts

5.   Declaration of Conflicts of Interest      None Declared

6.    Reports from Officers

A.  Commodore

I have had no further news from Donald Insall Associates and will contact them again.

In order to minimize costs to the club I would like to make the wooden supports for the canon on the barbican and investigate the costs of the wood.

Proposed  by Mo Judge

Seconded by Margaret Crozier


I should like to thank everyone for their help in organizing the forthcoming regatta

B. Vice Commodore

I apologise for not attending the meeting held on the 27th June 2014.

The sailing committee have had a busy period making arrangements for the Royal Welsh Yacht Club Regatta day.

The club will also be used for the end of the Sail Through Race by the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club.

No progress has been made on the idea of construction of a sailing dinghy for members to use.

Various members have been busy sailing to far and distant shores and reports of such events have appeared in our bulletins from time to time.

Things have been quite hectic.    Menai Marine have suggested that we go ahead with a Fife.

C. Rear Commodore

Events and meetings attended

Took part in Pirates day Conwy where the team conducted many taster sessions. This year I invited Conwy club to take part with us which gave them the opportunity to benefit from the Club exposure. I registered the teams for the League Race. It was a record entry this year and many thanks to the volunteers on the water, in the kitchen and on the barbican that made the day such a success.

I attended the WSRA executive meeting and sent notes to the Rowing Secretary. The main outcome for us is that we have confirmed the 2nd of May as the date for the Castle to Castle. It was a pleasure to welcome the crew of the Cemaes Historic Lifeboat to the club this week. They provided tours around the boat and may enter the Castle to Castle next year.

Working party

Working party work has been continuing this month and special thanks to Barry for replacing the seats on the Barbican and re painting the bench and seat. Also thanks to Graeme who has repainted the railings on the roof.

Volunteers and paid staff

Thanks to the volunteers who have continued to cover Mondays and Tuesdays. I will be sending out the calendar for August shortly. We are in need of a cleaner and I am proposing that we put it in the hands of an Agency who will invoice us for the hours completed. The rate is £10.00 per hour. The Agency I have in mind brings their own hoover. The treasurer is aware of this proposal.

Proposal from Sarah Roberts that we go ahead and arrange the cleaning via an agency.

Seconded by Louise Messenger


D. Hon. Secretary

As requested I have written to Richard Jones on behalf of the RWYC Management Committee.

We have received a number of entries for tomorrow’s Wacky Races.   The weather is set to be good and should give promenade spectators an enjoyable time,  not to mention the participants!

After painting the railings on the roof, Graeme Messenger advised me that one particular spot needs closer inspection prior to the Regatta.

I continue to send out our weekly and monthly newsletters.   We need to express our thanks to Mark Walker for his commitment to the Monthly Bulletin.   Perhaps at the AGM?

Dee Walker has sent me the following information regarding grant applications which would be worth looking into.

“Charities, Trust funds and Foundations

American Express Philanthropic Programme. WE

As part of American Express’ Corporate Social Responsibility the business has established a philanthropic programme that disburses grants to organisations worldwide. One of the three core aims of the program is to support visionary non-profit organisations that are‘preserving and sustaining unique historic places for the future’. There are no current projects being supported in the UK. For further details please go to:

Sarah Roberts to investigate

E. Hon. Treasurer

Financial position:

Business account : £1,383-80

Subs account : £453-90

Investment account : £35,717-43

Total at bank : £37,555-13

Within the total at bank there is £8555 grant money.

Check takings of league race re food

F. Hon. Membership Secretary

Total Number of Members: 221

(after removal of resignations/non-renewal)

New Membership Applications

  • Jim Jones – Senior – Previously a member, resigned when he ceased to own a boat.

Proposer – Brian Roberts

Seconder – Mo Judge


  • John Whittaker – Full – Local motor cruiser boat owner

Proposer – Brian Roberts

Seconder – Mo Judge


  • Anthony Harwood-Jones – Full (see separate support information)

Proposer – Mo Judge

Seconder – Andrea Roberts


  • John Bowles – Full – regular visitor wishing to join.

Proposer – Mark Walker

Seconder – Andrea Roberts


  • Michael Cassidy – Full – regular visitor wishing to join.

Proposer – Mark Walker

Seconder – Andrea Roberts





None known

G. Hon. Sailing Secretary – Not appointed – see Vice Commodore’s report

H.  Hon. Rowing Secretary

Our re-scheduled league race was held on Sunday 29th June. We had over 120 rowers competing in 12 classes. The weather was kind and it turned out to be a very successful day. We were fortunate to have the help of RWYC members who were given duties in the kitchen and gave great support to the rowers.

An inaugural race was held around Puffin Island on 4/7/14, organised by Beaumaris Rowing Club. We a had a mixed supervets team compete and finished the race in 1hr 48min, only 12 minutes behind the winning team.

Three teams went to Ynys Mon league race the following day and competed in the men’s, ladies and mixed races.

We entered a men’s and a mixed team in the Aberystwyth league race on Sunday 23rd July. New sleeves have been put on one set of oars.

I. Social Secretary – Not appointed

J. Southern Squadron

apologise for my inability to attend the meeting of 25th July. I have been asked to send the greetings of the Southern Squadron to the Committee.

Our Captain, Marilyn Holmes, is in process of arranging a Southern Squadron Dinner at a restaurant near the site of the Southampton Boat Show (12-24 Sept) for the evening of Thursday 18th or Friday 19th September. The 19th is probably the most likely to be chosen.

When a final date has been confirmed, the warmest invitation will be extended to any members of the Executive Committee or of the Club as a whole to join us on that occasion.

There is currently no cruising news, but we hope there will be tales to tell later in the summ


On a personal note, members who remember my trawler Adelina from her time in Victoria Dock some years ago may be interested to know that she has now been passed on to a new owner for reasons of age – mine rather than Adelina’s!

7,   Regatta

See Vice Commodore’s Report

8.  Yearbook

Mo Judge to lead and joined by Louise Messenger, Sarah Roberts and Andrea Roberts

9.  Bar and Building

Covered in the Commodore’s report.   We are now selling different type of ciders.

10.  Website

Peter King to liaise with Andrea Roberts

11.  Any Other Business

Temporary sign on the railings outside Porth yr Aur.   A senior planning officer will visit the site and in principal can see no objection.   Application fee will be £90  Sarah Roberts to enquire at to the term “temporary”.

Port Dinowic Sailing Club have three shipping containers which they are willing to give away.   If anyone is interested please contact Sarah Roberts

Car stickers – committee to trial their usage.

Proposal from Barry Powell that all members be given a car sticker free of charge.

Seconded by Mo Judge – Agreed

Proposal from Bethan Hughes that we send an email to members seeking a donation for renovations to the club.

Seconded by Andrea Roberts  but motion not carried.

Amending proposal from John Judge that a piece be entered in the next Yearbook thanking everyone for their continued membership, and asking if members are interested in making a contribution to our building fund, they can make a donation.

Seconded by Debbie Parsons – Agreed

Wacky Races John Judge is organising this event.   There are three dinghies in snooker room for use in the race.

12. Date of next meeting:  19th September 2014