Approved Minutes of 30th May 2014




1. Members Present:

Brian Roberts                                    Commodore

Neville Roberts                                 Immediate Past Commodore

Barry Powell                                     Vice Commodore

Sarah Roberts                                  Rear Commodore

Andrea Roberts                               Hon. Secretary

Malcolm Jones                                Hon. Treasurer

Mo Judge                                         Hon. Membership Secretary

Ednyfed Hudson Davies                 Southern Squadron Representative

Debbie Parsons

John Judge

Peter King

2. Apologies for Absence

Bethan Hughes Jones                  Hon. Rowing Secretary

Margaret Crozier                           Deputy Treasurer

3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting Held on 25th April 2014

Proposed by:  Mo Judge

Seconded by: Neville Roberts


4. Matters Arising:

Condition Report, page 1 –  The Commodore has not had any further news but will be in contact next week.

Sail Past, page 2 – This will be on the next agenda of the Sailing Committee.   We know that Liquid  Asset will be going to Glasgow

We have received a Sick Note from the Steward covering the period to August.   The Rear Commodore will be writing to the Steward.

Social Events – We have received a list of suggested social events from Graham Messenger.

5. Declaration of Conflicts of Interest – None Declared

6. Reports from Officers

A.  Commodore

The Commodore wished to express a big Thank You to boat owners and members who took part in Push the Boat Out.

We have heard nothing further from Donald Insall Associates.   Commodore to make contact.   In adddition, we have heard nothing further from Coors Beers regarding the upgrading of the bars.

Wage sheet for temporary barman required.

B.  Vice Commodore

The Sailing section of the club have had a busy period with the organizing of the “Push the Boat Out” on 17th of May.   It was a very successful day with plenty of takers for both sailing and rowing.   A report of the sailing can be seen in the minutes of the sailing committee.   We await a report of the weekend racing and cruising from Robert Jones

The next big event will be the Regatta taking place on Thursday 31st July.

The North Wales Boat Show takes place at Conway 30th May.

The Three Peaks Race is on 7th June – Hon Sec to contact Keith Manders re timing coming past Porth yr Aur

We are still awaiting a date for the Rowers v Yachties race.

C.  Rear Commodore

Events part of:

With Push the Boat Out team, registering participants for the yachts and Celtic Boats and providing publicity to Papur Dre and RYA. Much positive feedback was received from participants who took part in the sessions and many thanks to Martin Ellis and Barry Powell who assisted with registration by taking participants to meet the yachts and to Mo Judge for preparing the documentation and setting up and supporting the event.

House Committee working party

Working party was scheduled for the 10th of May but deferred due to other commitments. Jobs to be undertaken at next working party (7th June) will be to replace the seating on barbican, completing the painting in the gents, replacing the hot water heater in gents, sorting the donated oars out for display.

D.  Hon. Secretary

There are a number of issues put forward by the WYA for consideration at this month’s Management Committee Meeting:

WYA Rebranding. “The WYA has been considering its branding strategy for some time to clarify the strategic relationship with the RYA brand across the UK.In October 2014 a resolution will be put to the AGM that we change our name to RYA Cymru-Wales.”

This matter will be discussed at the next Regional Committee Meeting to be held at 7.30pm on 17th June at Colwyn Bay Watersports, Porth Eirias.Copy of the rebranding document attached.It is important that we have Flag Officers at the regional meeting to put forward the views of RWYC and be party to the discussion

Safety on the Water

The WYA have forwarded the attached document – Information and Advice for Clubs and Centres..  Sailing  and Rowing committees to review

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport

We have also received some information on this topic which I have forwarded to Sarah Roberts, Rear Commodore, under whose aegis this subject matter falls.I am also enclosing a copy for your consideration.

E. Hon. Treasurer

Financial position: 

Business account :                  £1,225-01

Subs account:                              £430-00

Investment account :              £36,044-62

Total at bank:                           £37,699-63

Within the total at bank there is £8555 grant money and £805.05 charity beard money awaiting distribution.

The rowing section currently has £927.09 and rowers who completed the Celtic Challenge owe £400 to the Club rowing section (2 have paid the £40 each owed).

I have completed the events records to date. As no-one who ‘holds’ or ‘runs’ an event lets me know directly the income and expense elements it’s a bit hit or miss and thanks to Margaret for at least giving me something to work with.

F.  Hon. Membership Secretary

1. Total Number of Members: 217

(after removal of resignations/non-renewal)

2.  New Membership Applications



As agreed at the last meeting, all non-payers were advised by letter that we have cancelled their membership unless we heard by return and with payment that they wish to renew. The outcome of non-renewals is listed below.

32 SENIOR Mr A J Clarke
214 SOCIAL Mrs M E Williams
650 SOCIAL Mr D J G Williams
730 FULL Mr Jonathan Kershaw
731 FULL Mr Paul Brough
793 FULL Mr Steve Kenwright
828 CADET Ms Lauren Barlow
839 SOCIAL Ms Michelle Downey
851 OVERSEAS Ms Barbara Livoreil
900 FULL Ms Anna Tooby


None known

G.  Hon. Sailing Secretary – non appointed.   See Vice Commodore’s Report

H.  Hon. Rowing Secretary

The Celtic Challenge was successfully completed by our crew which came in a creditable 12th overall out of 21 boats and 4th in the miscellaneous group. We entered our first league race of the season in Porthmadog. We fielded a ladies, mens and 2 mixed teams.

We have had confirmation that we can hold our re-scheduled league race on Sunday 29th June. Push the Boat Out event was very successful, many tried their hand at rowing. We will wait and see if we get new members from this.

Rowers will be manning the stand at the All Wales Boat Show with a boat on display and another available for taster sessions on the Saturday, let’s hope the we will have some success in recruiting new members like we did last year.

I.  Social Secretary  –  Non Appointed

The Gypsy Jazz Session went well.

Next Saturday we have a Poems and Pint Evening which we hope will prove successful

Some of the World Cup matches will be played on the big screen.

J.  Southern Squadron

Members of the Southern Squadron wished to express their gratitude to all members.   Reading the regular newsletters it shows very clearly how the club is thriving.

Marilyn Holmes, Southern Squadron Captain, conveys her best wishes.   She would like to convey them personally during the latter part of the Southampton Boat Show, to be held between 16th and 21st September, when an early event event will take place within the boundaries of the Boat Show.   More details will follow nearer the time.

7. All Wales Boat Show

We are again taking part in the Boat Show although our name is not actually on the list of participants.   We are in the same place as last year but this time we have our two banners in place.   Participation and interest went well today with a lot more in attendance this year.   We have 8 people signed up for rowing tomorrow.   3 people from the Marine Science Department want to come rowing.   The stand is populated by volunteers.   Unfortunately we have no-one for the stand on Sunday.

8. Regatta

There is a Sailing Committee meeting on 18th June when the whole of the meeting will focus on the regatta.   We have a pro forma set up which covers the organisation requirements.

We need to think about the rower’s involvement

Nev Roberts to order blank cartridges

Barry Powell and Nev Roberts to check  the cups we have in stock.

9. Any Other Business.

Repairs to the steps to slipway have been completed.   We need a key to the lock so that we can have access for our events. – Action Rear Commodore

Race for Life – 1st June – Participants to arrive at Porth yr Aur at 10am and then proceed to Coed Helen.

Snooker Room   Agreed to looking into selling the snooker table as it is not being used and then turn the room into a meeting room.

Nev Roberts proposed that we get a valuation for the snooker table

Seconded by Mo Judge.

Action:  Nev Roberts

Walking in Company To re-commence these popular walks

Action:  John Judge

RWYC Advertisement on New Railing   We have agreement to advertise on the railing from the Harbour Master but we need guidance on size.

Action:  Sarah Roberts, Vice Commodore

Ensign/Burgee.   We need to swop the Ensign currently flying on the wall for burgee.   Agreed to use 2 large burgees.   Action:  Commodore/Nev Roberts

WYA RIB  There is an opportunity to put in a sealed bid up to £6500 for a rib/engine/trailer no longer required at WYA, Plas Menai.   This would be used as a safety boat.   After much discussion the following proposal was put forward:

Do we agree that we should go for a rib at at an appropriate time?   In principle, should we have a rib?   Agreed unanimously

Action:  Brian Roberts and Nev Roberts to inspect rib and discuss with Tim at Menai Marine.

Outdoor Partnership Courses

We will need a RIB Powerboat (Safety Boat) Course

Sponsorship:  Proposal:  In favour of the club sponsoring non charitable organisation.  9 in favour.   2 abstentions

10.Date of next meeting: 27th June 2014 at 8pm