From The Hon. Rowing Secretary, RWYC


The RWYC own three Celtic Long boats which are of fibreglass construction, seat four rowers and one cox and also a passenger. They can be launched in most conditions. Additionally, we have 2 smaller yoles which can be rigged for a single or double sculling.

Our rowers are from 16 to 77 (all fit and looking much younger!), from all backgrounds and origins, rowing all year round mainly on the Strait, sometimes at night or in stormy weathers for the most courageous ones. Some enjoy the recreational aspects (sightseeing. picnics on sandbanks), others appreciate the completeness of this sport where all muscles are involved as well as a sense of rhythm and a strong team-spirit. Others, practice regularly for races, contributing to and maintaining the old traditions and enlarging the big family of sea-rowers. As a team we have competed in the Celtic Challenge – a 90 mile row across the Irish Sea, the Great River Race – 22 miles on the Thames and in our own race the Castle to Castle – Beaumaris to Caernarfon. We compete in the Welsh Sea Rowing Association races and enjoy many fun days during the summer months. We normally row from Plas Menai at 1000 on Sunday morning and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 1730. However, for the winter months we intend (weather permitting) to explore some of the inland waterways of Wales every 2nd Sunday.

We are always looking to increase our rowing family and all ages are welcome! To arrange a taster session or for more information please contact:

The Honorary Rowing Secretary, Bethan Hughes, at

The Honorary Social Secretary, Sarah Roberts at

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