The Great River Race – Saturday September 17th 2011

RWYC rowers again took to Thames waters by taking part in London’s Great River Race fielding two mixed crews in Macsen and Elen. In all, 330 rowing boats of all shapes and sizes took part in the event which began at Milwall Docks and finished 21 miles
later with the incoming tide at Ham.
Conditions were ideal at the early afternoon start but soon
deteriorated into heavy downpours of rain which soaked crews
more or less from the off. This did little to dampen spirits however
as many crews had chosen to row in fancy dress; RWYC crews
electing for a Welsh theme and rowing as sheep, complete with
ears, ovine names such as ‘Ram-punt’ and ‘Ewe-sless’ and frisky
little tails knitted in front of a fire in a windswept stone cottage at a
secret location somewhere in Snowdonia. Both Macsen and Elen
were suitably bedecked with false grass, daisies, daffodils and
blow-up dragons and leaks; embroidered RWYC pennants flew
from the stern of each to complete the regalia.