Diamond Jubilee cruise to the Isle of Man

Sat 2/6/2012

HW Caernarfon 0830 4.9M
HW Liverpool 0943 8.9M
LW Liverpool 1644 1.5M
HW Liverpool 2215 9.1M (Port St Mary about 2225)

Leave Caernarfon about 0630 to pass through the Swellies just before HW slack and be at Puffin Sound around local HW. Assuming a speed of about 4.5knots I normally set a course just to the East of Port St Mary as the passage time should be just short of a tide cycle so little allowance for tidal set needs to be taken. If you expect to significantly faster or slower then suitable allowance should be made accordingly. When pproaching the IOM the rate of tide increases so keep an eye open not to be set towards Dreswick Point at the South end of Langness where rough water is usually encountered. On the final approach to Port St Mary leave the beacon on Carrick Rock in the middle of the bay well to starboard and keep to the East of the outer pier as there is a rocky shelf to the South West of the pier. Boats able to take the ground should find a berth in the inner harbour which dries at about ½ tide, fin keelers or those preferring to stay afloat should berth on the outer wall ( if so, be warned, it’s a long way up the ladders at LW – oxygen may be needed!!)

Sun 3/6/2012

LW Liverpool 0507 1.5M (P St Mary about 0447)
HW Liverpool 1039 9.2M (P St Mary about 1049)
LW Liverpool 1739 1.2M (P St Mary about 1719)
HW Liverpool 2306 9.4M (P St Mary about 2315)

Sunday should be a rest day – crews may like to take the steam train or bus to Douglas or enjoy the
walk via the chasms and Spanish Head to Calf Sound (nice café there) and either walk or catch the bus

Mon 4/6/2012

LW Liverpool 0603 1.1M (P St Mary about 0540)
HW Liverpool 1133 9.4M (P St Mary about 1140)
LW Liverpool 1831 1.0M (P St Mary about 1810)
HW Liverpool 2356 9.6M (P St Mary about 0001 Tues)

I will be continuing on my annual 2 week cruise so will not be returning until a later date but I would guess that most other will wish to make the passage back on Monday, perhaps stopping off for the night on either the East or North coasts of Anglesey, depending on the conditions, for the night to break the trip, before returning to Caernarfon on Tuesday. In this case I would recommend leaving by 1000 so as to arrive at Cemaes/Moelfre, for instance, by around 2000 still well in day light (sunset is at about 2125).

Tues 5/6/2012

LW Liverpool 0657 0.8M
HW Caernarfon 1100 5.17M
HW Liverpool 1224 9.5M

Boats should leave their anchorages so as to time arrival at Menai Bridge about 1030 so as to pass the Swellies about HW slack (I usually allow about 4 hours from Cemaes and 2-3/4 hours from Moelfre, in either case you will have the strong Spring tide with you all the way).